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"A man paints with his brains and not with his hands "

Michelangelo (1475-1564) Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet and engineer.

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Born in 1951 in Moldova and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1991

1967-1971: Graduated from Art College in Moldova.

1971 to 1977: Finished studies at the Polygraph University in Ukraine.

1971 until his immigration to Israel: Worked as a graphic artist and drawing teacher at the Art University of Kishinev, Moldova;

Illustrated works of Shakespeare, Goethe, Dostoevsky, Balzac, Andersen, and Shalom Aleichem

1992 to present: Illustrated more than 130 books for children

1984: Became a member of the Soviet Union's Painters Association

Member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association and the Illustrators Association



Prestigious prizes for book illustrations

2002: The Jacob Fichman Art Prize, Israel

2003: First place in a national competition of illustrations inspired by the poems of Uri Zvi Greenberg, Israel


Exhibitions Abroad

1971 until his immigration: Significant exhibitions all over the Soviet Union - Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Leningrad;

Exhibitions in Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Afghanistan

1984: Two solo exhibitions in Odessa and Kishinev

2003: Solo exhibition in Kishinev

2005: Bratislava International Illustration Exhibition

2007: Solo exhibition at the National Museum in Kishinev


Exhibitions in Israel

1991: Group exhibition at Yad Le Banim, Rishon Le Zion, Israel

1992: Solo exhibition at the Embassy of Italy in Tel Aviv

1994: Solo exhibition at Rishon Art Center, Israel

1995: "Witches” exhibition in “Beit Ariella”, Israel

1995: "Alice in Wonderland" exhibition within the Society of Illustrators, Israel

1995: Exhibition at the Youth Division at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

1996: Solo exhibition in “Beit Ariela” Tel-Aviv

2000: Solo exhibition in "Yad Le Banim" Ashdod, Israel

2001: Solo exhibition in Ashdod Arts Center, Israel

2006: Solo exhibition in “Gil’on” Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010: Solo exhibition in Tel Aviv Opera House

2010: Solo exhibition of his illustrations in "Beit Ariela” Tel Aviv

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