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"A man paints with his brains and not with his hands "

Michelangelo (1475-1564) Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet and engineer.

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Moris Manas

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Born in Romania in 1932

1949 - 1955: Graduated from Greegorsko Art Academy in Bucharest

1959: Immigrated to Israel with his family

1956 and 1958: Won the prestigious STORK National Competitions

1959 – present: Achieved fame as painter, ceramic, and sculptor

Member of the Artist Association since 1965 and one of the founders of the City Gallery and Artists' Organization in Herzlia, Israel.

For 10 years he was employed by the Ministry of Education as a lecturer and teacher of plastic arts in high schools in Israel.

His artistic style indicates a lot of knowledge in composition, perspective, color theory and anatomy, thanks to long years of academic training. Being sensitive to people and nature, he collects the beauty in life with his brush, while imprinting his own personality and life view into every detail, small as well as large.

His works were displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Israel and outside Israel. His works are collected by many private collectors in Israel and abroad.


Solo Exhibitions

1962: Journalists House "Beit Sokolov", Tel Aviv

1964: Journalists House "Beit Sokolov", Tel Aviv

1966: Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv

1968: Chemerinsky Gallery, Tel Aviv

1970: Journalists House "Beit Sokolov", Tel Aviv

2005: Beit Rishonim, Herzliya, Israel

2010: City Gallery, Herzliya, Israel


Group Exhibitions

1967: Herzliya Museum, Israel

2006: "On the Lake" Gallery, Ra'anana, Israel

2008: Bible Museum, Tel Aviv

2008: Artists' House, Haifa, Israel

2009: Givatayim Theater, Israel


Exhibitions Abroad

1970-2000: Exhibitions and Art Fairs in Frankfurt and Berlin (Germany), Calgary (Canada), Asheville (United States).

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