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"A man paints with his brains and not with his hands "

Michelangelo (1475-1564) Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet and engineer.

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Sylva Zalmanson

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A quote from an article of the artist and art critic, Mr. Pesach Slavoski, about the paintings of Sylva:

"The special sensibility Rembrandt had for characters and people whom he painted was an innate trait. In Israel, to the best of my knowledge, that kind of Rembrandt's sensibility can be observed in the paintings of the artist Sylva Zalmanson, exhibited in the Jerusalem Theater … "(2001)

Born in Siberia in 1944; grew up in Riga, Latvia

1967: Graduated as an Engineer from Polytechnic University in Riga

Member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association since 1997

In 1970 Sylva attained international publicity when she, her husband, her two brothers and, a group of friends attempted to take over an empty airplane in order to escape from the USSR to Israel after repeated rejections by the USSR authorities of their requests to immigrate to Israel. The KGB captured the group as they were about to take off and subsequently brought them all to trial. Sylva was sent to 10 years in prison at a work-camp. In August 1974, after 4 years, Sylva was released and allowed to leave the USSR for Israel. Right after she came to Israel, Sylva continued her struggle for the release of her family and friends. She met political and social leaders in Israel, in America and in Europe. She went on a hunger-strike for 16 days in front of the UN building and she gained public acclaim all over the world.

The struggle of Sylva did not stop until her husband, her brothers and her friends were finally released in 1979. Paying this heavy price, Sylva and her friends made a remarkable contribution to the success of the struggle of the Jews in the USSR.




Solo exhibitions

2009: "Flamenco Soul", Haifa Auditorium, Israel

2008: "Movement", Beit Aba Hushi, Haifa, Israel

2008: "Feminine", Gerard Bachar Theatre, Jerusalem

2008: "Characters", Haifa Auditorium, Israel

2006: Yitzhak Rabin Guest House, Jerusalem

2005: " Characters", Beit Aba Hushi, Haifa, Israel

2005: Arts Center, Rishon Le-Zion, Israel

2003: “Movement”, Beit Aba Hushi, Haifa, Israel

2003: Art gallery of the Agricultral Movement , Tel Aviv (two exhibitions)

2003: "Characters", Yad le Banim, Ashdod, Israel

2002: AGORA Gallery, SOHO, New York, USA

2001: Center of the Performing Arts, Jerusalem Theatre

2000: Ashdod Museum, Israel

2000: Beit Daniel, Tel Aviv

2000: Riverdale, Y-Center, New York, USA

1999: Fine Art Association, Brooklyn, USA

1998: Arts Center, Jaffa, Israel

1996: "Outside the Frame" Gallery, Ashdod, Israel


Group Exhibitions

2007: Biennale, Florence, Italy

2007: Israeli artists, Brookental Museum, Siabio, Romania

2006: Alexandra Palace, Art Fair, London, England

2004: Castro Gallery, Arts Center, Haifa, Israel

2003 & 2004: Winery, Rishon Lezion, Israel

2002: Cultural Center, Beit Yad Le Banim, Ashdod, Israel

2001: The Bible Museum, Tel Aviv

2000: ZOA House, Tel Aviv

1994-2003: 28 Exhibitions in Ashdod, Israel

1993-1995: Several exhibitions at the Gedera Museum, Israel


TV Programs in Israel

2006: NTV Channel (Russian)

2004: Haifa Channel

2000: Channel 3 News (Russian)

1999: "Kaleidoscope" (Russian)

1998: "Rakurs" (Russian)

1996: "Good Morning Israel"

1996: "Jerusalem Online"


Press Coverage

"Yedioth Ahronot" newspaper, Israel

"Kol ha-Darom" magazine, Israel

"Studio" art magazine, Israel

New York Jewish newspaper

New York Russian newspapers

"Vesti" Russian newspaper, Israel

"Novo sti" Russian newspaper, Israel

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